Keeping & Storing

A couple tips on storing your Miette loaf. Because letting your bread go to waste would just be an absolute tragedy.

Scenario 1

It’s day 2 and you want to store your goods for the future. Call it forward thinking. Here’s what you do: wrap your bread (sliced or whole) in aluminum and freeze it for later. Sliced and properly frozen bread will last in your freezer for up to 6 months. So, when the day comes and you’re ready to bring your frozen bread back into this lovely word, let it come to room temperature and/or pop it in the toaster for the yummiest results.

Scenario 2

Day 2 has passed and you’re sure as heck not going to toss that ever so slightly hardened loaf in the bin. Lucky for you, a choice breakfast and/or lunch set up is in the works. Cue the opportunity for a fantastic French toast or grilled cheese.

Scenario 3

Life got in the way and you neglected your loaf, only to be left to dry out completely, destined for a new path: breadcrumbs. Pop that super stale bread into a food processor, grind, add olive oil (we like using a garlic infused one), some chopped parsley, and voilà. A beautiful topping to pastas, salads… the possibilities are endless.

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