Q. Where can I find a list of ingredients in your products? 
A. All product ingredients are listed in our product section on the Shop page

Q. Do you offer nut free products?
A. There are nuts in some of our loaves and we do not operate in a nut-free facility. Even though some products do not contain nuts themselves, they may have been in contact with the allergen.

Q. Is all of your bread sourdough?
A. Yes! All of our loaves are made with natural leaven and no commercial yeast. We pride ourselves on honoring the artisanal craft of bread making through the use of natural yeast.

Q. Is your bread vegan?
A. Yes! All of our sourdough breads are vegan. The only product currently available that has animal by-products are the Honey Thyme & Parmesan Sourdough Crackers.

Q. Do you offer gluten-free products? 
A. At this moment, we do not offer gluten-free products. 

Q. How will my order be delivered? 
A. All of our deliveries are handled in-house. Delivery will be curbside between 2:30pm-530pm on Wednesdays. All deliveries will be contactless. You will be notified by text or email (depending on your preferred method of communication upon checkout) when your package has arrived. We will wait 5 minutes after arriving for you to pick up your order. Apartment buildings or condos will be left at the front entrance in an area designated for package deliveries.

Q. What happens if I miss my delivery?
A. The driver will wait for 5 minutes after arriving; if no one is there to receive the delivery, the driver will leave the package on your doorstep and you will receive a notification. We are a very small business with limited resources and unfortunately cannot accommodate delivery reattempts. There will be no refunds or credits for missed deliveries.

Q. Can I receive a delivery if my postal code is not on your list?
A. Our delivery zones are based on proximity to the production of our product. If you do not see your postal code, you can look for your closest retailer in our locations map here (insert link to Find Our Bread section). 

Q. How do Pick Up orders work?
A. You can pre-order to guarantee your purchase at least 26 hours in advance. Order by 8AM the day before you intend to collect your order. Available pick up days are Tuesdays - Saturdays at Léché Desserts in St Henri. Customers who pre-order will still have to wait in line to collect their purchase. Thank you for your patience. 

Q. Can I get Miette without pre-ordering?
A. Yes! There is always extra bread for sale Tuesdays through Sundays at Léché Desserts. We simply cannot guarantee to have all styles available so if you wish to guarantee an order, we recommend placing it online here.

Q. Can my loaves be sliced?
A. Sourdough can be sliced upon request should the loaf have had sufficient time to cool. If the loaf is too warm or fresh out of the oven, we cannot slice the bread. Slicing the bread while it’s still warm risks creating a doughy, gummy, and sticky texture as the molecules are still dense and water-logged. This can cause squished and sticky slices, with the potential for mold growth. Note: we do not offer slicing for the Khorasan porridge loaf as it is too delicate for our machine. Thanks for understanding.

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