Our Story

Miette Began with a Mission:

A thoughtful expression of bread making as a craft and philosophy of ingredients.

Baking has been a passion of mine since a very young age. Food is an extension of who I am: It determines where I live, where I travel, how I spend time with friends and family, where my paychecks go, and now, my newfound journey with Miette.

The intention at Miette is to thoughtfully connect people through high-quality sourdough. We’re all a little disconnected from the source of our food these days, and ingredients we can’t pronounce have found their way into our diets for the sake of shelf life. But fresh, naturally leavened sourdough is a direct (and delicious) route back to a simpler time, when flour, water, salt, and one baker up at dawn were the only ingredients in our bread.

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