Sprouted Buckwheat

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This loaf is dense and studded with sprouted buckwheat groats and a variety of seeds. It's great for topping with smoked salmon as an appetizer, and has endless breakfast toast possibilities (avocado and poached egg, almond butter, jam).

Ingredients: organic all purpose flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic buckwheat flour, organic rye flour, sprouted buckwheat, oat milk, sprouted buckwheat, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, molasses, salt, malted barley. 

This loaf comes unsliced and in a brown paper bag. It can be sliced upon request. 

How to store: It can be sliced, plastic wrapped and freezes well or will keep fresh for a week in a sealed container. 

Pick up days: Wednesdays - Saturdays ONLY.