Khorasan Porridge

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A blend of organic all purpose and khorasan flours are used for this wonderfully warm and slightly sweet bread. A nutritious golden yellow khorasan flake porridge is mixed into the dough, adding a cakey and moist interior to the loaf. A generous coating of flakes are toasted when loaded into the oven.

Ingredients: organic all purpose flour, organic khorasan flour, organic Kamut flakes, salt.

This loaf comes unsliced and in a brown paper bag. Note: We do not offer slicing for the Khorasan Porridge loaf as it is too delicate for our machine. Thanks for understanding.

How to store: It can be sliced, plastic wrapped and freezes well or will keep fresh for three to four days in a sealed container. 

Pick up days: Tuesdays - Saturdays. 

  • To pick up on Tuesday, order by Monday 8AM. 
  • To pick up on Wednesday, order by Tuesday 8AM. 
  • To pick up on Thursday, order by Wednesday 8AM.
  • To pick up on Friday, order by Thursday 8AM.
  • To pick up on Saturday, order by Friday 8AM.

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