The Proof is in the Porridge

The Proof is in the Porridge: A Dive into Khorasan Flour

In staying true to our mission of working with local grains, we couldn’t wait to experiment with Khorasan. An ancient form of wheat, Khorasan has recently gained recognition because of its positive attention in the health food industry. Originating from Mesopotamia, Khorasan wheat was never produced on a commercial scale until 1977 when a man named Bob Quinn trademarked Kamut, the name for the species of Khorasan which he cultivated. The trademark guarantees certain qualities for the grain, including that it must be grown organic and must not have been subject to any breeding or genetic mutation.

So what makes organic Khorasan flour so special? Its grains are much larger, containing 20-40% more protein than conventional wheat. A good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, studies suggest that Khorasan may have health benefits for people with type 2 diabetes, those at risk of cardiovascular disease, and people living with IBS.

Sourdough + Khorasan = a lovely combination

They simply just work together, mutually enhancing each other’s flavor and nutrition. The sourdough process we follow at Miette lends itself to long and slow fermentation, increasing the bread’s already naturally high levels of antioxidants found in Khorasan wheat. Distinctive in its flavour, colour and texture, our dough mixture has a velvety feel and a luxurious, buttery-rich, nutty flavor.

Once the dough has taken shape, we roll it into Khorasan flakes before it spends 16+ hrs in the fridge for an overnight proof. When loaded into the oven, the flake coating adds a wonderfully crunchy crunch to the crust, perfectly complementing the cakey and moist interior of the loaf attributed to the KHorasan porridge added to the dough mixture. Slap some butter on it, or with a generous helping of peanut butter.

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